How can you recruit international expertise?


No single method suits all needs, but there are many different ways to proceed. Technology can be your enabler.


If you would like to begin by looking in a European country, one option is to contact Eures, the European job mobility portal, in which the public employment services participate.

  • As an employer in search of global talent, you can register, search the CV bank on your own or get help to make your wishes more widely known.
  • It's free, and the aim is to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible.
  • Read more on the Arbetsformedlingen or Eures

You can also advertise on various global career platforms or via social media, of which LinkedIn is the most used.

Engage your employees into providing tips about good candidates or make enquiries in their own networks, this is a good, cost-effective method.

If you do not have the time/skills, it might be a good idea to engage a recruitment agency or search company.

No work permit is necessary to employ an EU citizen; more information is available on the Migration Board website). In the case of expertise from the rest of the world, you must apply as an employer for a work permit at the Immigration Office, which entails a longer procedure. However, it is your company’s need for labour that is the determining factor, not any civil authority as was the case before. Read more on Migrationsverket.


Marcus Nilsson, founder of Ghost Games:

“We employ many methods to find the best expertise”

“We are constantly searching for the world's best expertise and use many methods to find it. We enjoy a great advantage by belonging to EA Games, which is a major international company with studios around the world. It means we can move skills around internally within EA, and that recruiters at EA Central can keep tabs on global talent. We also have our own local personnel, who work with the issue. Two important tools in this work are LinkedIn, where we both advertise and carry out our own searches, and tips from our employees about former colleagues or people in their network.

When the time is right, we bring the person concerned here and we usually also let them bring their family too. We hold interviews and simulate various problems for the person to solve. Then we showcase the city and try to promote Ghost, Gothenburg and Sweden in an effective way. It’s often quite a job trying to explain to people what you get for all the money you pay in tax; it can be difficult to show that there is a value in the tax burden.

By this time, we’ve often decided that we want the person in question, and so we present a contract proposal while they’re here in Gothenburg. When it’s time for the actual move, we outsource most of the work. EA has an entire department that works with relocation, and we also use external relocation companies to organize the practical details. There is much to be done and recruiting internationally is a major responsibility. At the same time, we need to remember that we cannot take responsibility for everything. We cannot take responsibility for the way things go at school for children, just as we cannot for someone who comes from Sweden.”