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Move to Gothenburg/West Sweden is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome highly skilled internationals, and get them to stay and thrive in the region long-term. The initiative is run within the framework of a regional platform comprising stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as city and region.


Global talent is vitally important in the knowledge society. For a small export-dependent country with an ageing population like Sweden, attracting global talent is crucial if it is to secure competitiveness and growth in the future. There are a lot of indications that the need for skilled migrants will increase dramatically in the future in Sweden as well as in many other European countries and elsewhere in the world. As a result there is growing competition internationally for skilled workers and expertise. In many parts of Europe regional solutions are emerging where public and private sectors and universities collaborate to attract and retain an international workforce.   

During 2015 a pilot study looked into how Gothenburg and West Sweden can improve at attracting, welcoming and retaining global talent. The pilot study was commissioned by Business Region Göteborg, the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Göteborg & Co’s Trade and Industry Group and Region Västra Götaland, with support from the private sector and academia.

The pilot study resulted in an action plan that highlighted several important areas that should be developed, such as an “information portal”, an “international centre” and “jobs for partners”. The action plan is the starting point for the initiative Move to Gothenburg/West Sweden.


The initiative aims to:

- Develop and implement the fundamental tools and services that a region needs in order to successfully compete for global talent.

- Increase awareness, coordinate and create better preconditions for existing activities and services.

- Build knowledge and create awareness among both policy makers and the general public.

- Develop a strategic plan that will take the project into a long term operation from 2018.



The content of the project plan is based largely on the proposed action plan from the pilot study as well as interviews with and feedback from key stakeholders. The project consists of seven key areas for action:

- Information portal (Move to Gothenburg/West Sweden)

- International centre

- Jobs for accompanying spouses

- Jobs for students

- Coordination of authorities

- Housing

- International schools


Collaboration partners

The initiative is financed and run through our Trustees and Partners. The Board of Trustees consists of representatives from every Trustee and makes decisions on the projects implementation and development. Our partners help finance the project and their representatives form the Advisory Board where they contribute important viewpoints.


Meet the team

Head Project Manager

Niklas Delersjö

Niklas Delersjö - Head Project ManagerNiklas is overall responsible for the project and works with partnerships, external dialogue and the long term strategic plan. In addition he runs the areas jobs for spouses and students as well as coordinated authorities and housing.


Direct +46 31-83 59 38
Mobile +46 761-19 77 08
West Sweden Chamber of Commerce
Parkgatan 49, Box 5253, 402 25 Gothenburg


Project Manager

Pernilla Johansson

Pernilla Johansson - Project ManagerPernilla focusses on developing an International Center which will function as a meeting point for global talents and include relevant services to simplify the process. She is also responsible for organising and coordinating networks and events.


Direct +46 31-83 59 89 
Mobile +46 709 23 02 68
West Sweden Chamber of Commerce
Parkgatan 49, Box 5253, 402 25 Gothenburg


Project Manager

Helen Teame Bairu

Helen Teame Bairu - Project ManagerHelen is involved in matters concerning international schools and pre-schools as well as spouse issues. Moreover, she is coordinating the HR Global Mobility Network consisting of experts in this area. Helen is working part time in the project and on the other part she is an investment adviser at Business Region Göteborg.


Direct +46 31-367 61 39
Business Region Göteborg
Norra Hamngatan 14, Box 111 19, 404 23 Gothenburg


Communications Coordinator

Leena Dhankher Joshi

Leena handles communications and all its related activities for the initiative.Leena.D.Joshi She is responsible for developing and implementing the communications strategy of which the digital platforms and tools, both existing and future, are a key part.


Direct + 46 31-835916
Mobile +46 702-787873
West Sweden Chamber of Commerce
Parkgatan 49, Box 5253, 402 25 Gothenburg


Project Assistant

Rosalyn Chao Ramberg 

Rosalyn is working part time in the project with a focus on accompanying Rosalynspouses. She is currently studying for her second Master’s degree in Information Technologies and Learning at the University of Gothenburg and her thesis will focus on learning initiatives with digital solutions to support accompanying spouses.


Direct +46 722-53 19 84
Business Region Göteborg
Norra Hamngatan 14, Box 111 19, 404 23 Gothenburg



Ben Kendall

Ben is the editor of the Move to Gothenburg and Move to West Sweden Ben Kendallwebsites. Ben has himself made the move to Gothenburg from Sydney, Australia, and is familiar with the challenges that come with establishing yourself in a new country. For seven years, Ben co-founded and ran the website Göteborg Daily, the first English language news source for West Sweden. 


Direct +46 31-367 61 63
Business Region Göteborg
Norra Hamngatan 14, Box 111 19, 404 23 Gothenburg